Ep 67 Tittie Puppy (featuring Dave Waite, Carmen Morales & Bryan Vokey)

June 19, 2018

Comedian Dave Waite joins us and we talk 69-ing, public pooping, Toledo, Ohio, Republicans, hacky comedians & flakeyness! 

Gripe of the week goes to Jeff Jones!

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Ep 66 Sh*t Juicer (featuring Carmen Morales & Bryan Vokey)

June 11, 2018
NSIDLI talks about its new official sponsor, the Brondell Bidet Company! Bryan laments on how hard it is to be an NFL fan. Carmen rants about dating not being hard and partners in crime. They talk bullshitting, having potential, overachieving and being hypocrites. Bryan gets cynical about majestic sights and emotional outpours over dead celebrities.
Gripe of the week goes to Lydia Colombey
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Ep 65 Emotional Pasties (featuring Eleanor Kerrigan, Carmen Morales & Bryan Vokey)

June 5, 2018

Eleanor Kerrigan joins us and we talk about growing up with brothers, witnessing Martin Lawrence start a fight at the Comedy Store in the 90s, how everyone is racist, someone getting mad while handling a heckler and being contacted by someone in witness protection. Carmen & Bryan also talk about strip clubs and skin heads. 

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Ep 64 I Can’t Hear Your Thoughts (Featuring Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

May 30, 2018

Bryan really gives up on his New Years Resolution about not talking comedy in this episode because boy is it talked about. They talk about having no escape from Trump, people being offended with out getting the joke, what being clean means, having the confidence to say to horrible things to an audience member. They talk about rape jokes, morality, good vs evil and this podcast can't go too many episodes with out talking about pedophilia. 

Gripe of the week goes to Thomas Israel 

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Ep 63 D*ck Antibodies (Featuring Amy Miller, Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

May 23, 2018

Joined by comedian Amy Miller, we talk babies wearing pink, busting balls and hurting feelings, getting quized on dates, Family Guy, Rick & Morty fans and twitter spirals. We also discuss guys being a mess, firing Jesse Michaels, people who ruin other peoples joy & nerds in the worst sense.

Gripe of the week goes to Roie Vokey! 

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Ep 62 Pain & Suffering (Featuring Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

May 15, 2018

Bryan and Carmen talk about getting fired over a tweet, talk about weed culture, the difference between scammers and theives and discuss why it feels so good to aggrevate people you care about. They also talk about sueing over "emotional damage" because neither of them can remember the term Pain & Suffering. The Gripe of the Week goes to Jeremy Rydenbark. 

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Ep 61 Stained T-Shirt Body (Featuring Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

May 8, 2018

Bryan and Carmen talk about the time their bodies almost shut down, getting stereotyped by a doctor, winning the public restroom lottery & far out experiences. We also learn that Bryan doesn't like people thinking they know him and Carmen blames Bryan for the death of Vern Troyer. 

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Ep 60 White Man in White Face (Featuring Ryan Stout, Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

May 1, 2018
In this episode, we are joined by the very funny @Ryan Stout. We talk about the origin of the term White Privilege, the bay area comedy differential, audience behavior, tactile kids, motivators and dividing things in two. We also discuss having no sense of smell, suicide, work sucks, American privilege, Hollywood math and how more men need to "Eat, Pray, Love"
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Ep 59 I Heart ANL (Featuring Lachlan Patterson, Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

April 25, 2018

In this short episode, we are joined by the funny Lachlan Patterson who tells us the parallels of comedy and surfing, the post office racket, how people don't coast and inside joke vanity plates. We also talk being dirty, how harsh the word actually is, putting comedy anywhere and back alley thrift shops. 

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Ep 58 Suck a Bye Baby (Featuring Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

April 17, 2018

In this episode, Carmen and Bryan dive into how thirsty Tarantino is to be black, Louis C.K. worship comedians, mermaids and gross teenagers. We also talk wanting to die, comedians not being qualified to talk about foreign policy, having people learn on you and when extended family wants to hang out. 

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