Ep 60 White Man in White Face (Featuring Ryan Stout, Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

May 1, 2018
In this episode, we are joined by the very funny @Ryan Stout. We talk about the origin of the term White Privilege, the bay area comedy differential, audience behavior, tactile kids, motivators and dividing things in two. We also discuss having no sense of smell, suicide, work sucks, American privilege, Hollywood math and how more men need to "Eat, Pray, Love"
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Ep 59 I Heart ANL (Featuring Lachlan Patterson, Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

April 25, 2018

In this short episode, we are joined by the funny Lachlan Patterson who tells us the parallels of comedy and surfing, the post office racket, how people don't coast and inside joke vanity plates. We also talk being dirty, how harsh the word actually is, putting comedy anywhere and back alley thrift shops. 

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Ep 58 Suck a Bye Baby (Featuring Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

April 17, 2018

In this episode, Carmen and Bryan dive into how thirsty Tarantino is to be black, Louis C.K. worship comedians, mermaids and gross teenagers. We also talk wanting to die, comedians not being qualified to talk about foreign policy, having people learn on you and when extended family wants to hang out. 

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Ep 57 I Don’t Know (Featuring Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

April 10, 2018

In this very uninformed episode, we learn about Bryan's introduction into drugs, playing golf in high school, two homosexual men with Down Syndrome getting married, shows that exploit people, the Verne Troyer sex tape, how people on the internet talk about rape and ending things on a lighter note. 

Our winner for our twitter contest is Marcus Crespo (@MCrespoBesto)! 

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Ep 56 But I’m Right (Featuring Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

April 3, 2018

In this episode, Carmen & Bryan talk dead pets, Bryan's time serving in the Nigerian Defense Academy, gaslighting and gifts. They also discuss having a comedy menstruation, comedians who are Mitch Hedburg rip offs and about people getting mad about you not having seen a movie. They play This or That which leads into a rant about Sting, and we also learn that Bryan knows everything there is to know about music. 

Fun game: Tweet @nosirpod the funniest thing that you've waited over an hour in line to get and Carmen will Venmo you a $1. 

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Ep 55 Kick That Goose (Featuring Chris Riggins, Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

March 27, 2018

In this episode, we are joined by Chris Riggins. We talk the bay area, people who are too woke and the overly agressive Canadian geese of San Francisco. We also talk driving on drugs, trolls, Chris Brown and throwing tacos. 


Ep 54 Lisa Frank Goggles (Featuring Maria Bamford Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

March 20, 2018

In this bizarro episode, we are joined by the funny Maria Bamford. We actually talk likes and some dislikes too. We discuss greasy meats, used bookstores, the president, money and open book accounting. We also talk late night tv spots, cutting negative people out of your life, mania & cold brew. Also, if you didn't know the "Jackie" person Maria refers to in this episode is previous podcast guest, Jackie Kashian. 

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Ep 53 Too Much Clarity (Featuring Ryan Singer Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

March 13, 2018

In this episode, the very funny Ryan Singer joins us. We discuss Pretty Woman, Oceans 12, people who do nothing but complain & political perspective. Ryan and Bryan argue about football, we also talk dreams, guns, rich kid new age woo & off leash dogs. 


Ep 52 Herpes Microphone (Featuring Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

March 6, 2018

In this episode Carmen and Bryan talk about his new Keto diet and how the older you get the more fears you have, some of which are irrational. The also talk Elvis, cultural appropriation and gentrification. 


Ep 51 Baby Bulimia (Featuring Debra DiGiovanni Bryan Vokey & Carmen Morales)

February 27, 2018

In this delightfully dark episode, we are joined by the very funny Debra DiGiovanni! We talk Debbies, vomit, running out fish, fear bad manners & penmanship. We also discuss spiders, hummus, pimple popping, show tunes, why there aren't more mass shootings during rush hour and our roles in a post apocalyptic situation.