No Sir I Don’t Like It

Ep 91 Refugees in Stilettos (featuring Carmen Morales & Bryan Vokey)

December 4, 2018

Carmen & Bryan podcast from the opposite sides of the country for the first time. They exchange Thanksgiving stories and argue about the Kareem Hunt situation. They also talk about how dumb "exclusive" marketing events, dating normal people and how professional comics are back stabby. They also found out they are ashamed of the same thing. 

Gripe of the week goes to: Tony Recktenwald for "How much more money are we going to keep dumping into research to get pandas to mate. They don’t wanna hump, and scientists have gone as far as creating panda porn for other pandas to get them in the mood, plus countless dollars flying different pandas around the world to see if other mate options will inspire panda libido. If the pandas wanna exclaim “that’s all folks” and go into the void of extinction I think we should let ‘em. And we could spend the money saved to get Brondell bidets for all citizens."

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