No Sir I Don’t Like It

Ep 105 Feed Me Nurse (Felicia Michaels, Carmen Morales & Bryan Vokey)

March 13, 2019

The funny Felicia Michaels joins Carmen and Bryan this week as they talk about the phrase "...and what not," being an 18 year old stripper, getting passed at The Comedy Store at the age of 21 and putting the toilet seat down. They also get into Ari Melber reciting rap lyrics, dating guys who need mothering, treating a dog like a dog and getting tied up during sex. 

Gripe of the week goes to: Noelle Wiehe "Today there was a notice posted on the public bathrooms here on deployment, it said "Video chatting, recording or playing music in the bathroom trailers is prohibited" For one, who the hell is video chatting in the bathrooms and secondly the one place I get to get my jam on is in the shower and now they're prohibiting it."

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